Photovoltaic systems were often sold as “maintenance-free” in the first few years. Compared to other technical systems, correctly dimensioned PV systems or battery storage systems are in fact virtually maintenance-free, although certain boundary conditions must be observed. For example, certain VDE standards require compliance with specified maintenance intervals for electrical systems. Intelligent and automated monitoring enables the causes of faults to be identified at an early stage and eliminated with little effort. With the support of our competent team, your system will actually be “practically maintenance-free” for many years!

So that you can enjoy your plant for a long time and your investment is secured, we offer you a wide range of services for the technical operation of your plant:

  • Annual Maintenance
  • VDE test
  • Monitoring (up to 24/7)
  • Evaluation of the operating data and comparison with the revenues achieved
  • Repair or replacement of components
  • Repair of the entire system
  • Optimization of the system and the operating strategy

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