Inauguration PRL Garching

Inauguration PRL Garching

Smart Power builds Bavaria’s first control energy storage on the TU campus in Garching
Inauguration on 21.06.2017 with bright sunshine and great participation

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Storage systems are currently on everyone’s lips, as they are necessary in order to drive the energy revolution forward, to further guarantee security of supply and at the same time to be able to limit network expansion to a necessary and acceptable level. Nevertheless, the number of projects in Germany is still very manageable at present. On the campus of the TU in Garching, Bavaria’s first control energy storage has now been ceremoniously put into operation. In the future he will actively support the European network from this location


The project was built and also invested by the company Smart Power in Feldkirchen, a spin-off of the Upper Bavarian solar project developer MaxSolar.

With this project, we want to send a signal that the construction and operation of storage systems of this size is already possible without subsidies“, said the managing director Dr. Franz Hauk in his opening speech. According to Hauk, the business models would be even more interesting if storage systems were used in large industrial companies, because then different revenue models could be combined and the economic efficiency further increased.

In addition, it is important to him to also give the institutes and chairs of the nearby Technical University of Munich the opportunity to collect operating data and conduct research on the practical object with this project. Ulrich Bürger, technical director of Smart Power, explained to those present the functionality of the storage system, which only automatically detects an over- or under-coverage of the feed-in power in the grid on the basis of the grid frequency, immediately and fully automatically counteracts this and thus guarantees absolute grid stability. “Only in this way is it possible” According to Bürger, “that in the future more and more fossil power plants will be replaced by renewable energies and the energy turnaround will continue to make progress .” Representatives of the district office and also the mayor of the city Garching expressed themselves pleased and at the same time proudly that this innovative and promising project straight in your region was established.

State Chancellery Minister Dr. Marcel Huber, who was unfortunately unable to attend at short notice, also stressed in his statement on the occasion of the commissioning of the control power storage facility: “Today’s start is an important milestone for a high-performance energy supply in the future. We need flexible storage systems for renewable energies in order to advance the switch to renewable energies. Bavaria is relying on modern battery storage systems in order to increase security of supply and at the same time to limit the necessary grid expansion to an acceptable and sensible level “.

After the official part, the storage facility was activated and transferred to real automatic grid operation. Ulrich Bürger and project manager Roland Balbierer explained the technology in more detail to the guests attending subsequent guided tours and thus gained an impression of the technology installed here. The blue Upper Bavarian sky provided the best backdrop for this festive inauguration to end with a veal sausage snack.

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