Energy consulting

That only offers Smart Power

From free and fast consumption analysis to long-term data acquisition and design planning, you don’t just have to rely on our experience to make your decision:

Using concrete consumption figures from various expansion scenarios, we will show you how to reduce your peak loads, optimise your energy consumption or optimally design your future energy system.

By using our own simulation tools, we are able to view the plant-specific peculiarities of the various plant combinations from all angles.

Because only the combination shows the true “Smart Power”.


The electricity and energy purchase calculations of recent years can already provide a great deal of information as to whether there is optimisation potential for your energy balance. This is the first step to give you an overview.

Contract analysis

Due to the large number of customers we already serve, we can give you tips on how to optimise your contracts and, if necessary, select cheaper rates.

long-term measurement

Different types of long-term measurements at different temporal resolutions are the basis for the recognition of savings and optimization potentials. The measuring sensors are mounted without interrupting the power supply by applying AC current sensors around the current-carrying conductors. The recorded data is stored and processed wirelessly on an online server for evaluation.


With our in-house simulation tools, developed in-house, we give you an outlook on the expected effects even before the project is implemented.

Learn more about the Smart Power Simulation Tools.

Learn more about Smart Power Simulation Tools

We would be pleased to advise you on all technical and business questions concerning investment measures in the energy and automation sector.

  • Storage systems
  • PV systems and BHKW´s
  • LED illumination
  • energy saving and automation in general
  • sector coupling (electricity / heat / mobility)
  • Use of electric vehicle fleets
  • Heating concepts
  • and much more



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