Minimized hardware effort through optimized system design and intelligent energy management Energiemanagement

Energy management is an essential component in a modern, sustainable energy supply, whether for private users, industry or commerce.

Innovative systems ensure that the energy generated can be used optimally. Consumption is also controlled in such a way that your electricity costs are significantly reduced without loss of comfort.


The energy management iEMS developed by Smart Power forms the interface between energy generation plants (e.g. photovoltaics) and storage systems on the one hand and the operational processes up to the integration of external systems (e.g. charging stations for electric cars) on the other hand. Through intelligent and flexible control strategies, all energy flows are optimized and thus the overall economic efficiency and the environmental balance is decisively improved.


Any storage system is only as good as its operating strategy.

All Smart Power storage systems use proprietary software. This allows the same kilowatt-hour of storage to be used multiple times and increases the profitability of the installed storage capacity. The integration of intelligent forecasting strategies allows a better utilization of the installed capacity and performance while increasing the service life of the storage system. Intelligent forecasting ensures that the charge level is always kept within the optimum operating range for as long as possible.

ISO 50 001

Monitoring, energy saving and intelligent taxation are also relevant topics in the context of environmental certification. The transparent and complete presentation of all relevant energy flows is the first step in the development of improved energy use concepts.

Upon request, we will also be happy to advise you on the appropriate hardware selection and programming.