Stationary energy storage systems and their grid integration

On February 6, Ulrich Bürger will give a lecture at the seminar “Stationary energy storage systems and their grid integration” at the Hansa Apart-Hotel in Regensburg.

Is the operation of home storage and control power storage worthwhile under the current regulatory conditions? How can the efficiency and ageing of storage systems be optimised and what are the technical hurdles for vehicle-to-grid and multi-use operation of storage systems?

In addition to an overview of competing technologies for stationary energy storage, the areas of application of storage systems in electricity grids are presented. Then the basic functionality of lithium-ion battery storage systems is explained and the assemblies of a system with their functions are discussed. In further technical contributions, the grid connection, the control and regulation as well as the regulatory framework for the operation of “home storage” and “control power storage” are explained in detail. The seminar will also discuss operating experiences and challenges in the control and operation of distribution network integrated “quarter storage” and “industrial storage”. Technology and cost trends in energy storage are presented in concrete terms. The seminar offers you the ideal opportunity to participate in discussion rounds after the presentations and to place your specific questions.

The seminar will not only give you a complete overview of stationary energy storage applications, but also a concrete analysis of how projects can be implemented profitably: From the legal framework and technical details of storage construction to grid connection and energy management of the storage system, all essential topics are covered.

› Employees and managers from the areas of sales, service and network operation of municipal utilities and utility companies as well as project companies
Installer and operator of power generation plants, managing director of grid operators
Planners, engineers and technicians from all areas in which stationary battery storage systems are used
‘ Project manager in the field of electricity grid integration of electromobility

Further information on the seminar can be found in the flyer:
Stationary energy storage units 2018

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