The Smart Power GmbH

Smart Power GmbH was spun off from MaxSolar GmbH in 2014 as an engineering office and general contractor for battery storage technologies. The specialists from the storage technology department were responsible for setting up the company. With its headquarters in Garching near Munich, in the direct vicinity of the research campus of the Technical University of Munich and the Fraunhofer Project Group for Electrochemical Storage, the technology and research-oriented company is located in the hot spot of technological innovation.

The aim of Smart Power is to actively help shape and complete the energy revolution with innovative storage technologies, energy management systems and energy consulting. The focus is on the realization of large control power and peak-shaving storage systems.

Due to the many years of experience of our employees and the participation in several international research projects, some innovative ideas have already been generated. For example, circuit concepts have been developed to increase the efficiency of battery storage systems and the reuse of batteries from electric vehicles has been promoted (Second Life Batteries).

Due to its independence from manufacturers, Smart Power can always put together the optimal package for customers and investors.

Our motivation

The completion of the energy system transformation and the associated challenges are not topics of the future but a central task of our generation. We are working on it today.

Our strength lies above all in the

  • Individualität
  • Flexibilität und
  • Schnelligkeit.

We are actively involved in shaping Energy Turnaround 2.0 through our own massive research and development activities.